17 September 2008


In 2005 I took a position as a studio page at Paramount Pictures. This job was amazing and life changing for me. For the first time I was completely immersed in film culture, I was seeing backstage of TV shows and movies, and I was meeting great people. About five months after I started at Paramount a new class of pages was brought in and among those new pages were Caryn Hayes and Beth Wallan.

What I have come to realize after spending a few years working around the peripherals of Hollywood is that I am one of the few, genuine native southern Californian’s who is trying to get into the entertainment industry. More often than not people from far outside California flock to Hollywood as it is still the stuff of dreams and movie stars. Beth & Caryn didn’t come to California to chase celebrities, but rather because each one had high aspirations to conquer the film and television worlds; Caryn wants to be the powerful TV writer, producer and show runner, and Beth wants to make her mark as a formidable DP.

I don’t think that Caryn, Beth & I knew we were going to want to work together to pursue our career goals when we first met; the only other creative partner I’ve ever had is Christopher and that partnership is vastly different than my partnership with Beth & Caryn. However, since 2005 the three of us have always jumped at a chance to help the other with projects or de-stress at a round of laser tag. My current creative life would be a heck of a lot harder if I had never met Caryn and Beth; I am very thankful that they both came to this state and decided to be pages so we could eventually get to where we are now.

In August of 2005 Beth arrived in California from Alaska, and Caryn arrived in California from Louisiana. Typically they each throw a little gathering every year to celebrate the accomplishment of defying convention and picking up and moving to Hollywood to pursue the dream. This year neither Beth or Caryn could have their celebration; they gave up that little tradition to work on End; I hope that they enjoyed having a project to work on as much as they normally enjoy celebrating their arrival to this state.