18 December 2009

The Boss Test

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My boss kept making inferences that she wanted to see END and I kept delaying letting her see it. Finally, I bit the bullet and let her borrow the DVD. It’s not really that I didn’t want her to see it, it’s just a nerve wracking thing to let your boss see the fruits of the craft you’d rather be doing, especially if they don’t like it, what can you really say? “So you remember when I refused to work overtime for like 6 months? It’s because I was making that movie you didn’t like…” You don’t really want that coming up in a review.

So at some point in late October or early November I lent her the film and when I didn’t hear anything back from her I kind of assumed that she hated END and didn’t know how to tell me. I work with artists, we have opinions and we know creativity so my boss could be a good or harsh critic.

Yesterday, my boss rushed over to my desk and sat down. I have already been laid off by this company once this year, so when a boss desperately wants to talk to me my mind doesn’t always go to positive places. Luckily, I wasn’t getting laid off again. As it turns out my boss finally watched END. I am very happy to say that she loved it.

The feedback my boss gave me was incredible. She went in not knowing anything about the film and the only person she knows associated with it is me. I left the conversation feeling very uplifted. The single best comment she told me was that she forgot she was watching a movie made my someone she knew, after a little while she was just watching a movie. That definitely put a smile on my face.

My bosses feedback reminded me that I knew END was a different movie when we set out to make it, but a movie that I knew there was an audience out there for – we just have to find a way to get it in their hands.