26 March 2010

Running the Race

If you read this blog you know by the frequency of posts that not a lot is happening with END. Christopher and I are giving it our best efforts, what some might call the old "college try" and yet we're still swimming up stream against a tsunami.

The thing is I love my movie. I think this film is fantastic but I am becoming more aware of the reality of the contemporary independent film business every day and END just like any little film that could, is a tough sell. It's a sell I need to get into the hands of the right viewers at the right time and that time has not happened.

All we can keep doing right now is to continue to keep plunging ahead. Keep submitting the film to anything promising, trying to get people to see it and hope for the interest to grow.

This business is tough, but we have to be tougher.

Everyone that's offered me encouragement, compliments and support along the way I thank you. This road is long and hard and it's wonderful to be reminded that other people love my movie too.