18 May 2010


As I’ve written about before, applying to film festivals has been an exciting and disheartening adventure. The market has changed drastically and little films like ours are so hard to get recognized. However, even though another festival didn’t have enough slots to include END they made sure to brighten my day.

Instead of the usual form letter, this festival sent me back an individualized response with positive feedback. The selection committee enjoyed how “philosophical and positive” END is, and “loved the ending”.

It’s funny how even those little words can boost an artist’s spirit.

10 May 2010


I jsut have to note that most of the actors I cast in END are incredibly active in short films and theatre productions elsewhere - they are all fabulously talented after all.

Lauren, who played Molly in the film, just got to play a character she's been wanting to play for years - Peter Pan.

09 April 2010

In Response to Recent Inquiries...

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what is happening with END, so rather than address them individually I thought I’d post something here.

Firstly, we are actively submitting END to festivals. If you knew how many we’ve been submitted to you’d be tearing your hair out with us. END isn’t getting into festivals not because of the quality of our film, but because of one simple fact – the market right now is tough and there are more films out there than ever and dealing with that has been really hard on me especially. We are the David and we’re still trying to topple Goliath.

Since film festivals are getting tougher and tougher we’re exploring the possibility of jumping around festivals and finding a distributor. Christopher and I right now are researching and exploring to find out where we can submit END and who might want to take a look at it. We are open to ideas in this area.

As a lot of you on Facebook may have noticed we started a fan page. Find us and fan us. I am working on creating content for the page. Christopher and Bill are going to work on a trailer for END so that we can continue our online presence. But the biggest thing any of you can do right now to help us is ask people to follow us on Twitter, fan us on Facebook and visit our page on IMDB. The most fans, follows and hits we can log the better we look if we can get festivals and distributors interested in the film.

Christopher and I love END. Everyone that sees it loves it. This film is not being given up on. We are working incredibly hard to make sure that somehow, some way our hard work gets seen!

26 March 2010

Running the Race

If you read this blog you know by the frequency of posts that not a lot is happening with END. Christopher and I are giving it our best efforts, what some might call the old "college try" and yet we're still swimming up stream against a tsunami.

The thing is I love my movie. I think this film is fantastic but I am becoming more aware of the reality of the contemporary independent film business every day and END just like any little film that could, is a tough sell. It's a sell I need to get into the hands of the right viewers at the right time and that time has not happened.

All we can keep doing right now is to continue to keep plunging ahead. Keep submitting the film to anything promising, trying to get people to see it and hope for the interest to grow.

This business is tough, but we have to be tougher.

Everyone that's offered me encouragement, compliments and support along the way I thank you. This road is long and hard and it's wonderful to be reminded that other people love my movie too.

06 March 2010


Howdy folks. Have a facebook account? Please become a fan of the END page.

END Facebook

Thank you all!

18 February 2010


So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our strategy for END. With the economy and festival circuit right now I want to make sure that END gets seen. We all worked too hard on this little film to just sit idly and wait for something to come to us.

I don’t know what the strategy looks like yet, it’s still forming, but I know that something can happen if I don’t lose momentum. I am fighting not to lost momentum and that part is hard.

In the end, no matter what happens I love making films. I love telling stories as much as I love seeing them on screen and I have to get END seen. I don’t think that’s going to look like what I originally thought, but it’s going to happen. END is going to be the first of many films that I make, hopefully that this team makes, and I want to get started creating a film catalog for us all.

01 January 2010

New Year, New Possibilities!

Its 12:52, January 1st of 2010. The new year, the new decade (Not really, but I won't get into that now). 2009 was a good year for END, it got finished, it got screened and it got out there. It hasn't done quite what we thought yet but I know great things are still in store. 2010 is a new year and great things still lie ahead for our film and all that were involved with it. Mark my years this time 2011 we'll all be looking back at 2010 in awe at what's transpired. I guarantee it! Happy New Year and hang on. The ride is only beginning.