09 April 2010

In Response to Recent Inquiries...

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what is happening with END, so rather than address them individually I thought I’d post something here.

Firstly, we are actively submitting END to festivals. If you knew how many we’ve been submitted to you’d be tearing your hair out with us. END isn’t getting into festivals not because of the quality of our film, but because of one simple fact – the market right now is tough and there are more films out there than ever and dealing with that has been really hard on me especially. We are the David and we’re still trying to topple Goliath.

Since film festivals are getting tougher and tougher we’re exploring the possibility of jumping around festivals and finding a distributor. Christopher and I right now are researching and exploring to find out where we can submit END and who might want to take a look at it. We are open to ideas in this area.

As a lot of you on Facebook may have noticed we started a fan page. Find us and fan us. I am working on creating content for the page. Christopher and Bill are going to work on a trailer for END so that we can continue our online presence. But the biggest thing any of you can do right now to help us is ask people to follow us on Twitter, fan us on Facebook and visit our page on IMDB. The most fans, follows and hits we can log the better we look if we can get festivals and distributors interested in the film.

Christopher and I love END. Everyone that sees it loves it. This film is not being given up on. We are working incredibly hard to make sure that somehow, some way our hard work gets seen!


Starry said...

You know as an outside observer, who's seen End, maybe the problem is that the film isn't finished yet. I don't want to dis anyone's work, but maybe the film needs some tweaks and stuff to get it to it's perfect state so the festivals cant resist.

It's easy to fall in love with your own work, but maybe you should hear what others have to say. Just a suggestions.

Megan said...

Trust me, the thought has crossed my mind and I love the film as is. If I were to make any changes to it, it would require reshoots and some new material - none of which is possible as our resources no longer exist.

END will be staying as is. I think it's an example of phenominal work by all involved, a very ambitious effort, and a fantastic feature debut by my brother and myself.

8 days of principal photography looks shockingly good on screen.