24 October 2008

Memories Make Good Improv

So now that the actual filming process is over, everything feels more disconnected. At least it is, excuse me, it was like that, for me, up until a couple days ago. I walk in to one of my conservatory[theatre study] classes and notice that everyone is sitting in a circle, definately not our usual way of starting the class. But then again, I had been absent for 3 days, things could have changed. So I walk towards the circle and plop down next to my good friend Collin. He smiles at me mischeviously and that's when I realize, this isn't going to be a normal class day.
I then notice a corner of young adults convcersing quietly in one corner of the room. I proceed to ask Collin who they are but shut my trap when they turn to adress us. They go on and on saying how they are part of a national performing improv group and are doing a 4-class workshop with us.
Ahhhh...improv, that's why Collin smiled so devilishly. He's in on the secret you see. He knows I love to watch improv, the key word being, 'watch'. Doing it however, is a completely different subject. I sighed and got up to work on the coming assignment. One of the coachs starts eplaining the assignment, he tells us, 'you are going to think of a story, one of not much importance. And then, you are going to fabricate some details, just to add some comedy, and then at the end of the four days, you will perform'. Okay, I could deal with that.
I started thinking back to summer, since nothing from the school year had caught my attention. And I thought back to right before the filming process. When we were all ready to go, all there, and all of us had met each other, except Pearce. But I digress, he did already know some of the cast members from previous workings. However, I did not have the pleasure of his aquaintance yet. And it just so happens that Pearce had a little trouble getting to us, being in Canada after all, with all pieces in tact; luggage, etc...All I could think of was, stupid airport. And so I decided then and there, that this would be my group's improv piece. I was lucky enough to get a lot of the good improv-ers in my group +Collin[he's good too]. I told them the story and togehter we fabricated some details to Pearce's journey home to us. All from drunk men in the security line to angry british people complaining, and finally coming to the film...at exactly the wrong time[will go into detail at a later date]. I don't know how this idea popped into my head really, it was just a random story I remembered, but I must thank Pearce. As of right now the scene is going really well.
And so, after my long babble of a blog, my little thought is out. Just thought I'd share the little story. I'll be sure to give an update on how the performance goes, cross you fingers, maybe I can get it taped. Alright, well I'm off for the night, I've got a seven and a half hour rehearsal tomorrow and there isnt time for sleeping there.

And until that later date, signing off.

23 October 2008

Composer Search

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There hasn’t been as much to write about lately as there was while we were in production; what can I say? There’s a lot to say when you’re smashing through people’s walls by accident, dealing with broken air conditioning and twelve page scenes. Everything in post is a different kind of meticulous process. It’s a very good process but one that seems so slow, but that could also be because we shot a movie in eight days...everything seems slow after that.

Christopher and I have been on a mad hunt for a composer for the film. There are a lot of them out there let me tell you that. It has been a blast listening to the different styles and voices that each composer has so far. I can’t wait until we reach a decision and I can add one more piece of the puzzle to End. I am a firm believer that the right score from the right composer will make the film even more dynamic than it could be otherwise.