23 October 2008

Composer Search

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There hasn’t been as much to write about lately as there was while we were in production; what can I say? There’s a lot to say when you’re smashing through people’s walls by accident, dealing with broken air conditioning and twelve page scenes. Everything in post is a different kind of meticulous process. It’s a very good process but one that seems so slow, but that could also be because we shot a movie in eight days...everything seems slow after that.

Christopher and I have been on a mad hunt for a composer for the film. There are a lot of them out there let me tell you that. It has been a blast listening to the different styles and voices that each composer has so far. I can’t wait until we reach a decision and I can add one more piece of the puzzle to End. I am a firm believer that the right score from the right composer will make the film even more dynamic than it could be otherwise.


Mostly Me said...

I have a spot here as well under Mostly Me2. Here is my music link www.myspace.com/mostlyme2. Thank you hope to hear from you.

Harry said...


I am very excited and I can write a score for your movie.

Please contact me via ICQ 241534189 as soon as possible.