15 March 2009

Back to the Salt Mine

So I am back to work tomorrow. Exciting stuff. Lots has happened in the month and change since I wrote about being laid off.

We achieved picture lock! Yay, woot, cheering, etc. Editing was a long process, but it was definitely worth it. I am now waiting and working with the rest of the post production team; Christy on the score, John on dialogue editing & the final mix, Beth with the sound design, and then of course the million other little things Christopher and I keep doing to polish up End and get it ready for public consumption. This is seriously cool stuff, but it’s also exhausting.

Dave left for England a few weeks ago. I am sad to see him go, but Dave seemed pretty excited about heading back to the mother country. I believe that Pearce is headed back to Canada as well, and Regan is starting an exciting new job that’s taking him away from the local color. All in all as I look back over the people and events that led up to making this movie last summer I am truly in awe – there were a lot of cogs lined up to get End made in the short amount of time that we did.

What’s weird is that by this time I thought I would be so over my anticipation for End to be finished, but the truth is that I can’t wait. I am just as excited as an audience member to see what our final product is going to look like and sound like. I can’t wait for people’s reactions and I am incredibly excited to see where we can get this little film into.