11 May 2009

I left it on the doorstop

Final delivery of sound effects for End was made this last weekend. I scoured through it for every minor little sound.. everything from a door being closed to how a bed hits a window with blinds. Then I burned it to disk (properly labeled, of course) and left it on my doorstop for pick-up. And that is that..

It's weird handing it off to someone else, but at the same time, a little nice. It'll be interesting to see how someone else interprets the script and incorporates everything together. There are times as an artist, you have to step aside and let someone else take a swing at it. Out of ego, I wouldn't have minded staying on until the final mix, but out of "knowing what's better for the project", I like having someone else do it.

Besides, I've put a lot of personal time, money, and gumpshin into this project as it is. It's sort of nice to sit back and wait for the screening.

It's a good ride and I'm lucky to have been involved. Looking forward to the next one!