01 June 2009

Things I've learned in post production

The eagle has landed! The cat’s in the cradle, we’ve crossed the finish line, we’ve entered the end-zone. Whatever analogy you want to use go right ahead because WE DID IT!!! I just dropped off the final copy of the movie to Megan, she’s going through it right now to make sure it’s all good, but barring any unforeseen circumstances we SHOULD be done. I don’t want to jinx it and call the game for sure until we know everything is kosher but it’s looking good.

At some point I’ll wax more poetic about this but right now I’m just too darn tired to make much sense of anything. Instead I figured I’d throw something sort of fun and humorous and fun up real quick. As some of you will remember when we wrapped principal photography I carted out a list of things I had learned from the endeavor. Not that I THINK we’re done with post production I’ve decided to throw out a list of things I learned from the last 6 months or so.

James is dead!

You can curse out Elmo and still get him to take a picture with you.

Lauren can be really profound when she wants to be. Read her post on her “ripped jeans” and try not to get a little emotional. Seriously if it doesn’t get to you, you have no soul!

Even though it’s slightly less than 90 minutes long END works with surprisingly well with an intermission in it.

Bill and Telly are gods amongst men; it’s as simple as that.

I am MOST definitely not a post production guy! Shove me in a room for days on end with nothing but a page and my thoughts and I’m fine. Lock me in a room for 13 hours watching and hearing the same stuff over and over again and you’ll test the limits of my already questionable sanity.

No matter how hard you try it’s really hard to fire Bill, which is probably a good thing.

Finding a composer who knows what they’re doing AND doesn’t have their head up their you know what is way harder than you’d think, which is why Christy rocks so much!

If you thought the way the script ended was good, just wait till you see the movie. Seriously it will BLOW YOU AWAY!

Just like every other aspect of this movie, NONE of this would bee possible without each and every talented artist that has devoted so much time, effort, love and passion to making this the single greatest event of my life.