08 August 2008

My name is David Sharp

Well hello everyone,

My name is David Sharp. I am one of the cast members for End. Just to give you all a little bit of info. about me. I was born right here in California but was raised my whole life in Leeds England. I came back to Cali to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and I've stayed ever since leaving many loved ones back in Leeds.

This will be my first feature length film and I can't tell you how happy I am that my first feature will be THIS feature. Not only is the script phenomenal but the cast and crew are so talented. I can't think of a better way to spend my weekends (romantic rendezvous' with Jessica Biel excepted)

I think rehearsals went really well and I'm very much looking forward to shooting tomorrow. I'm determined, as is the whole cast and crew, to make this film the best that it can possibly be. Finally making my first feature certainly helps to justify being so far away from those that I love, I'd like to thank Megan and Chris for that especially.

I just read that back and it sounds a little serious... You will soon see (in future blogs) that I'm actually a "happy go-lucky" jokester! I promise... In fact I'm the one who kept getting the giggles two posts down.