10 August 2008

Weekend One

I promise to blog more tomorrow, but I wanted to get my initial thoughts about the first weekend of shooting down today.

Saturday my stress level was crazy. I know the day went slower than I would have liked, but I do know that a large part of that stress level was the heat, and the fact that there were sudden and shocking layoff's at my day job this week and several people I adore were cut and that hit hard. But I know first days are first days, and when I got home and looked at my schedule and through about my footage I realized I was really happy & we were really not that far behind on saturday. We owed one scene and a shot for another.

We got a late start on day one and still shot about 10 pages. Insane.

Today was smother because we were getting our rythm down, but also because everyone rocked it out of the park, from our "titleless" people that do everything asked, to our homeowners...because we broke their wall today.

Yes, we broke a wall. I swear it was an accident, and I will tell you all more later.

However, I am jubuliant. My footage for the entire weekend is beautiful. My actors and crew are marvelous.

Peace out.