11 August 2008

rockin' it out

first, i gotta say that ashton and dave rocked it out yesterday, and we have a hole in the wall to prove it! ashton blew me away (all his quiet preparation definitely paid off, n i have great respect for him and his commitment to the art) and dave stepped it up to match him to bring him down...and  break a wall. i can't wait to see the final product of that scene. awesome job you two!

my name is marissa merrill, and i am playing angela in this awesome film. i grew up in salinas, california and started my journey in the acting world with dance and theater when i was two-years-old. as soon as i was 18 (2 years ago), i moved out to los angeles to fulfill my dreams in film. 

this is the third project i have worked on with this general group of amazing people, and i am so honored to have worked with them multiple times. i gotta say thanks to christopher and megan for thinking of me for this project, and giving us actors all a chance to really show what we can do. christopher did an aweome job with the script and megan is doing an awesome job with directing and everything else she's done and does. it feels so amazing to be on a set where every single person is there because they want to be there and are passionate about the art. everyone is working their butts off and doing an excellent job. beth works tirelessly and never ceases to amaze me, and shannon is the chillest, most professional, and efficient AD. this cast is hilarious! they cast the goofiest people they could find and told us to be serious and stressed out...and everyone's really pulling it off well. i gotta say, sam's commitment to the look of her character is stunning. i can't wait to see the video blogs!

this weekend made me really proud to be a part of this project. i have a lot of faith in this film and can't wait to get back to work this weekend and keep rockin' it out. 

you all are wonderful!


Megan said...

You just made me truly LOL. :)

I think I actually did give you all the exact note "be serious and stressed out" as some point in rehearsal.