11 August 2008

Full length feature, baby

Well I'm back again (David aka William) As I'm sure you've all gathered I managed to throw a fellow cast member into a wall... I was so gutted when it happened and I felt very bad, but I'm glad that the damage was fixable and want to thank the David and Susan for being so cool about the whole thing. 

So what I wanted to focus on was the heat! MAN was it hot!!!! The first day was much worse than the second but really the whole weekend was like a working in a cooker! I always feel guilty about calling acting working but let me tell you it can be pretty tough... Sure its not like we are Fireman or Nurses but this weekend was definitely a challenge, yet somehow it was still the most fun I've had in ages... I say somehow - It was 100% down to the people I was with. Whilst it might sound like the obvious thing to say, the cast and crew on this film are all just amazing people. 

As I said before (and this is where my title starts to make sense) on my previous projects, I would be finished by now... but this is feature length baby... we've got loads more fun left to have!

I know we are all going to make a great film together and I can't wait for next weekend... I'm going to close now because I really could go on about the shoot for ever... Maybe mid week something will pop into my head that I just HAVE to share... lol now that I have you all on the edge of your seats I'll close.