14 August 2008


Wow. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. A hole? In a wall? Is this what happens when I'm not on set? You put holes in walls?! I tell you now: there will no more of shenanigans and tom-foolery this coming weekend! We will be back to inappropriate sex talk or you'll hear about it. ...Actually, you'll probably hear about it regardless as inappropriate sex talk kind of comes with the package when I'm on-set. But I mean it about the holes in the walls!

I gotta say, I'm loving the set and people. I wish I could be shooting everyday. It has to beat the constant search for the end of the internet and job hunting. Pearce, can I borrow your gun? There are some wiley beasts out there.

And I won't even complain about the heat as it has NOTHING on "The Apartment." Compared to that day, last weekend was a day at the beach. And major plus- No one is in sleeping bags!