15 August 2008

Weekend two!

hello everyone sorry for getting started with the blogging so late. I just wanted to first of all thank Megan and Chris for allowing me to take part in this wonderful film, So far it has been an awesome experience and Im having a blast on set! I wish the days were longer and I wish we filmed everyday.  I am honored to work with all of you cast and crew. I know Im quiet on set so i'll let you know just a little bit about me here. My name is Ashton Reese Trujillo, I was born here in California. I have been making films since I could remember . Freshman year of highschool i discovered my passion for directing. i directed many short films and continue to work on more. I am currently also working on my first couple features. Not having access to many actors I began casting myself in my films and It opened my eyes to my TRUE PASSION- Acting-To perform and make people believe, All my inspiration comes from my Lord and Savior as I live each day for Him...And there you go:)  Thanks guys for your time and see you soon.



DS - Actor said...

I can't speak for everyone... but I will anyway! :-)
We are very happy you are on this project with us. Your scene the other day... the one with Dave & "the hole", was amazing. Continued success and we'll see you on set.