14 August 2008

Weekend Two Coming Soon...

So in March I was forced to buy a new car because my beloved but acursed Monte Carlo blew up on me...literally. A pop, lots of things happened, then smoke and the car was dead. So I coped, and got a pretty little Nissan. My first new car.

From the day I bought it I was was terrified that I would wreck it or otherwise make it unpretty. It really was a major stress factor as I am that OCD.

Yet, when Beth and I were out finding classic movie locations and I scratched the paint of my pretty car down to the metal and I didn't freak out - not because it was in front of Marty McFly's house, but because the stress was gone. I had spent two+ months waiting to do something stupid to my car and I had finally done it.

The same thing was going on with moving End from pre-production to production.

Chris and I hurried into this shoot faster than we did with our short films becuase we knew we needed to get it done while we had the energy, the passion and most importantly - a minor who was not in school. This gave us about two months to plan our biggest project yet.

So all through pre-production I was stressed and worried about everything that could go wrong durring production. I wouldn't use the word terrified, but I'd definitely say that I was wary. Planning is key in making a film, but it's such a big endeavor that things ususally go wrong, it's expected.

So along came our first weekend, and I was so worried that everything in the sun would go wrong. And a lot of stuff did go wrong. We exploded a bulb before we started filming, ended up with three less lights than we were supposed to have, fell behind the first day, and on the second day we broke a wall in the house.

Just like with my car, that stress has been lifted off of my shoulders. Stuff went wrong. But we fixed it.

While I know the rest of the shoot is not going to be a walk in the park, and I know that anything can still happen, I feel much better prepared for it knowing that I have a cast and crew that can deal with it and still rock it out in the end.

Here's looking forward to weekend two!