16 August 2008

Not the Vlog

So I am Jodie who happens to be the only character who resembles a zombie as my hair is matted with leaves and blood and my eyes are classic spanish soap opera. All the guys are really nice to me on set- except for Dave who is Brittish and I think this may be his biggest fault- that and knocking holes in strangers walls. The Canadian- Pearce- isn't at all like Dave so I can scientifically say that it is in fact a continental issue that Dave has. But seriously Dave is really cool and so is everyone else on set. We are goofing off like crazy and I am sad to leave. I think we have all bonded over a short time and I can't wait to collaborate with all again ( I would have gotten the chance sooner rather than later if Asher would have included me in his upcoming short film, but don't worry I won't hold a grudge- maybe). This is my last day of shooting and as I do not have Megan's camera to Vlog I thought I would take the time to get on line finally. If gas wasn't so expensive I would drive down to Orange and just hang on the set. I will always have the memories though- Cody (or whatever he calls himself on a given day; honestly he has like 15 names that sound pornographic) pressing his sweaty face into my cleavage as I drench him with tears of Clear Eyes/Visine. Dave making fun of my geography and the fact that I didn't know Cleopatra presented herself to Cesar rolled up in a carpet (cause everyone knows that right?). Beth constantly staring at my boobs through the lens of her camera to "focus" the shot. Chris almost decapitating me with the boom. Doc stroking my ego (in a non sexual way). Karen demanding respect. All of us yelling at Lauren to finish her A.P. homework already. Pearce's attempt to murder Marissa and me with his carpool antics (I thought we were going 120 mph- what the heck is a kilometer???) Marissa's incessent advances to bed me. Bossing Kelsey around because Daniella said we could. Megan and Shannon and Beth always shouting "I couldn't hear you". Kevin doing everything to make it happen. Bill yelling at me every second for touching his "HOT SET!!!" Cole and Chris blocking me out of scenes with their crazy sound movement. And everyone talking about Twiligth , with me being the only person not to know what that book is. I love you all!!! See you at the screening.