12 September 2008

A Little Behind..

Okay, so I haven't blogged in awhile. Juggling a day job, weekend drives to OC, and shooting all weekend, kind of forced me to put on the blinders, knuckle down and just do the job.

It's the one thing I do hate about this kind of juggling act. I would rather have my head up, enjoying the shoots and time on set instead of just focusing on how much sleep I'm not getting and trying to not let the work-week stress interfere with the weekend fun.

Man, I need to get out of the office life. (Megan too).

So, now that the shoot is over, I was looking back over the year and realized End is the 10th project I've worked on. It's the 7th I've shot. But 10 projects this year.. it takes me back to May when I was actually carrying around 3-4 scripts at a time.

And all the while, maintaining this exceptionally stressful day job.

I am a fortunate person and I am pleased with nearly every project, and would love to see #11 hit in October (Caryn), but I would give anything to get paid to do this so I can JUST do this.

Megan had a pic of a ball of rubber bands. Unfortunately, everything around my desk is labeled confidential, so I can only assure you my cubicle life is NOT the big plan I had for myself when I ditched the home state and decided to endure the high-level field that is filmmaking.

I am just so looking foward to that glorious day when I can sit by a pool, sipping a daquari, rememebering how much I used to whine about the day job, little knowing those days would soon be behind me..

Ah, what a sweet daquari that will be..