08 September 2008

The photo shoot

Well... I don't know if it was just me, or the sadness of the experience being over or what... But that photo shoot seemed pretty grueling... I was pretty tired I think from the early 1.30pm call time and someone took the last energy drink right before my eyes! I was shattered by the time we were done... I supposed that it didn't help matters that for every photo I was tensing my arms as much a humanly possible so as not to be dwarfed my my much manlier cast mate. Or that we were passing around cards etc to sign for people in such a stealthy way that EVERYONE knew what was going on... Like I said maybe it was just me but it felt like we'd just done another days shooting... I wish :(

Bring on the editing, bring on the poster, bring on the... END! 

Then bring on the sequel ;)