06 September 2008

September 6

So here I am and the clock on my computer is telling me that it is offically Saturday and as I am exhausted I should be sleeping. However, as I sit here avoiding sleep I can't help but feel like I am supposed to be on set tomorrow. I know that I am not, but I feel like I should be.

Tomorrow Susan and David will wake up knowing that they are not going to be invaded by actors, equipment and crew. They will be able to go about their daily lives like before we swarmed them, broke their wall, drilled holes to instruct barricades and drenched every surface with fake blood.

Susan said she'll miss having the bustle, creativity and energy around and I have to say that I echo that. I am about to go into that lonely place a director goes - post production. As excited as I am to begin seeing Bill edit this footage into a feature it is something that I will be mostly on my own on. Bill will edit, Beth will do sound, someone will do music, and eventually the film will be complete, but I will no longer get to dwell in the constant presence of all the people that came together durring production to pull my vision out of my head and make it a physical reality.

I know this is part of being a director and I love it, but I also loved being on set because the people that were there made it an amazing place to be. I do wait excitedly for the hurdles that lay ahead, and I hope that I do not let anyone on this project down but in the end deliver the feature that I know it can be.