05 September 2008

Can't, my director will kill me..

Well, I've had a few days now to weigh in on how I feel, now the shoot is officially wrapped. At first I enjoyed the knowledge that I no longer had lines to learn or a shirt to wash blood out of. But I also knew that the main part of my life for the last month was over... I can't imagine how Megan must feel! Because truth be told, there is a certain pleasure that we actors take in the small sacrifices we make for our profession. I loved learning lines all week long, staying out of the sun so as not to have a tan disrupt the continuity... same goes for the beard growing, whilst it was a pain... It really is a pleasure to be able to have these "problems" I shaved, cut my hair and laid out in the sun this week and all that freedom sucks! It was great being able to tell my friends "sorry can't come to the beach my director will kill me"

I didn't get chance to see much footage as we were filming but having worked with Beth and Megan before I'm confident it will be supreme. I can't begin to describe how excited I am to see this film. From the moment I first read the script I wanted to see it. Knowing that it is only a couple of months away is dead exciting! But as for me, well I'm back to being unemployed now... such is the life of an actor... Back to searching through websites looking for the next gig... Man I miss END already... it hasn't even been a week! Oh we have the photo shoot on Sunday! Shame that I'll now be a fully shaved, short haired, bronzed bodied version of William (yes Megan I'm only joking, I look the same... I knew that for one more week I could say, "sorry guys, my director will kill me")


Megan said...

You're right, I would have been upset if you had suddenly gotten bronzed durring the shoot and probably have threateded killing you. :)

I miss the production already.