02 September 2008


     So We wrapped up this past weekend and I must say I'm a little heartbroken. I have had so much fun working on this film and I hope to one day work with all of you once again.  Actors, You guys are all amazing and it was entirely my pleasure to work with you all. Crew, You guys were terrific and as well the pleasure was all mine. I hope all the footage turns out well. So the last weekend was very fun, just one scene that i think overall came out great. Marissa did absolutely wonderful, And I am honored once more to have worked with her:). Dave, haha oh man, this entire shoot, he cracked me up but i was usually so focused i could stop my self from laughing but this last weekend he finally got to me. As he slowly came up behind me durring this one scene and placed his hand on my hip, hahah , from that point I was always wanting to laugh when i looked at him. Very funny individual. Good Times. And Fantastic job also Dave, as always and with everyone else.

- just some goodnight thoughts, Thank you guys and sleep tight
-Ashton Reese Trujillo