31 August 2008

Scene 46

Today we shot the monster of a scene - scene 46. This scene is about thirteen pages long. It is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Angela (Marissa Merrill) has to go to a very emotional place and watching her was remarkable and she was able to make me emotional watching her. I really think this was a special scene.

Scene 46 was the only scene we shot today; this was probably our last day of shooting so I planned to have the scene be the only thing we shoot today. I knew it was going to be long, emotional and hard and I really wanted for us to do the hardest things at the beginning of the shoot and build towards this.

Despite things like tricky dolly moves, shooting day-for-night, and set dressing colappasing around us the scene went well and I really hope that I gave Bill enough footage that he can cut scene 46 into the scene that it deserves to be.

To end our day we gave an open dinner invitation to the cast and crew and everyone who wanted joined us at Pat & Oscar's after we finished cleaning up the set. My parents joined us as well, which was really great and they got to see how zany a group of people we really are. We joke, we shout, we laugh, and we share a love for all things creative. We enjoy each other's company.