03 September 2008


Project 365 - Day 217
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You may notice that this picture really has nothing to do with End; it's just a little ball of rubber that sits between me and my phone as I continue to take customer calls, close out orders, complete billing, and slowly sink into boredom. That is why this picture has everything to do with End; this film has been my rescue from the droll daily grind that I have been forced in to.

I have loved being on set every weekend. It's been hot, it's been tense, it's been frusturating and yet the stress hasn't bothered me; I go home from the set everyday happy with what we've done and a little more in love with every person involved with my film. No matter the conditions on set it is also funny, comforting, creative and a sanctuary where everyone understands my kind of thinking. At the end of the day we all like each other and no matter how tired I am I have had fun.

Juxtaposed to that is my rubberband ball. I work forty hours a week at a job that could keep me alive, but no matter what it frusturates me and the only escape is my wacky little things like my rubberband ball and decorating my cubicle with movie art & quotes while customers complain about things that I don't actually care about. I have reached that point in my life where film is such a part of me that it overflows into each and every aspect of my life and I no longer hide it.

I cannot describe quite how much I have enjoyed working on End; this film has been my first genuine glimpse of what I know God can do with my life. This film and the people involved with it have helped me feel like my goals are achievable and for that I cannot ever fully repay them.

I can now say that I have wraped principal photography on my first independently produced feature film and I still don't think that has fully sunk in for me. God has been so faithful to me, and I cannot wait to see what is in store next.