29 August 2008

Estrogen Everywhere!

I’m going to mention politics here for a moment, so please, don’t run. I promise I’m not going to espouse my complicated political beliefs it’s just that something happened in the world of politics today that made me think of END.

Today John McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate. Driving up to L.A. I scanned through all the A.M. and F.M. talk stations that were obviously abuzz with this news. One of the things that I found amusing and peculiar all at the same time was something that was brought up by pundits, politicians, hosts and the public alike. All of them were talking about how mothers could now tell their daughters “See what we can do”. Basically the sentiment is that this proves women, like men can do anything they set their mind to.

While it’s nice that the rest of the world seems to be realizing this I can’t help but feel that everyone is a bit behind the curve. Don’t believe me? Look at the set of END.

Other than Bill our editor and script supervisor and Kevin our all around go to guy, I am the ONLY male member of the crew. The director, cinematographer, assistant director, make-up artist, camera assistants, etc. are ALL female. These are all wonderful, strong, empowered women that decided years ago that they were going to prove that girls can do anything guys can, and often times do it a whole lot better.

Sure it’s cool that this obviously major and historic event will continue to chip away at the glass ceiling that has existed for far too long in this country and the world as a whole. I just felt the need to point out that there are MANY talented women who are running this project that decided to completely ignore the idea that said ceiling exists. For far too long Hollywood, at least on the production side of things has remained a boys club. I’m completely convinced that the women I am working with will help lead the way in shattering that status quo. Just watch, you’ll see.