27 August 2008

Quiet on the set!

After all the hard work on Saturday playing scripty, I decided to play the bum on Sunday. I have to say, it’s pretty hard work, playing on the computer, eating and singing old commercials- oh and writing (half of) this blog! That’s right, folks, coming to you live-ish from the armchair in the den is your favorite producer, Caryn! Haaaaa! {FYI, that’s the sound you make when you blow into your cupped hands whilst imitating a roaring crowd.}

Anywho, on this very lazy day, I have learned so much about what happens on set when you’re not running around like your head has been cut. The toughest lesson of all is learning how not to ruin takes. For those of you who don’t know, let me tell you, it’s a difficult thing not to talk or even move for minutes at a time. You see, I am usually sitting in front of a monitor watching as the scene unfolds. If I’m not doing that all important work, you can usually find me all over the place running to and fro to check on this and that. So to sit around in an area where the camera isn’t rolling is an experience. As I am sure you’re dying to know, I’ll share with you the happenings of the Not!set.

Did you know that Dave has a proportional bum and that is very cute? Well, he does! I know because I’ve just touched it-- quite involuntarily I’ll have you know. It all started when the actor’s holding room/wardrobe was moved down to the dining room. Dave had to change into his jeans and, very proud of his gluts, he decided to change right there in front of Shannon, Pearce, Lorn and myself. This led to Dave declaring that he has a nice ass. To his surprise, Shannon and Pearce were quick to disabuse him of that notion.

After much back and forth, which included Pearce pulling down his pants to compare his ass to Dave’s, I stepped in to defend Dave’s butt. I did not know what I was getting myself into. I soon found my hand full of ass. Dave had decided that the only true way to ascertain whether he has a nice ass was for me to touch it. My refusal was ignored as Dave took my hand and placed it on his bum. Soon after, Pearce did the same with his ass.

In the end, Shannon and I both agreed that Dave has a nice butt, which is proportional and cute, and Pearce has an ASS. This all took place in the course of a take or two. Let me assure you, if you didn’t know, it is very difficult to whisper when you’re struggling not to laugh out loud.

After this adventure into laziness, I’ve decided to follow the camera around until the end of the shoot, even when it isn’t rolling. That area is bound to be marginally saner.