24 August 2008

Weekend Three

Orange County Sheriff
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Weekend three was fun. I don't think I am as tired as I was after the first shoot day, but I am pretty damn exhausted. I think I am going to hit the hay and be out until I groggily slap my alarm off in the morning. It's one of those nights where I wish I could call in sick tomorrow, but as my parter and my boss are out tomorrow I really have to go to work - the new girl faking her way through a day and pretending she knows the answers. Oh well. I will just have to think about the events of the past two days to get me through it.

While the weekend was tough, it was again a lot of fun. Saturday was crazy. The police were called on us and Christopher and I had to explain we were not breaking into Susan's house; we were also several hours ahead of schedule so that we should have been done nice and early but a scene that should have taken about two hours to shoot ended up taking over four hours. That scene is going to gnaw at me until I see the magic Bill can do to it in the editing room.

Today was a smaller day; we had more scenes to shoot, but less actors. No scene had more than two actors in it. Having a cast with eleven principal members has been quite an exercise. We shot a crucial scene that Lauren and Brian R. hit out of the park (they were absolutely brilliant), but durring which I got so giddy from heat and lack of food that everything got absurdly funny to me. Lorn kept making me laugh in one of his characters crucial scenes, but this was after I was over the heat giddiness. We used a ton more fake blood too which I know Daniella enjoyed. To cap it all off Stefanie ended my day by rear ending a car as we were leaving our evening church service.

Like I said - it has been a fun couple of days.