02 August 2008

Final Rehearsal

Project 365 - Day 194
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Today is our final rehearsal before filming begins. Thus far I have been decently unsuccessful in managing to get my entire cast together in one rehearsal.

Why has this been such an ordeal?

Christopher wrote a script with 11 cast members and only 3 have a somewhat smaller role that the rest of the cast. That means I have an 11 person ensemble. That's pretty dang crazy.

The first two rehearsal Pearce (Alan) was in Canada so he has been a rock star preparing on his own and majorly utilizing e-mail with me. Last rehearsal Weston (Phil) got horribly ill and we thought it was best he not drive so he sat that one out, but I have worked with Weston before and I know he'll do fine even with one rehearsal missed.

Today I believe I am missing Lorn (James) and Ashton (Jacob). Lorn and I have worked together before and I've known him awhile now so I trust that he will do just fine as he has a few more weekends to prepare for his character than everyone else. I also trust Aston to prepare; he is a new person to our little group of actors & crew but what I have seen from him so far is stellar.

In the end what makes it all good is that I know I have a phenominal group of actors who will rock this film out of the park. I know they are all going to be the absolute best they can be.