01 August 2008


I should introduce myself, I am Megan Welch the director and executive producer of End. The purpose of this blog is to record the trials, tribulations, hilarious stories, and sleep deprived rambles that go into the making of my first feature film. I do hope you enjoy it, both the blog and the film, but either way you can't stop me from writing about it. [Insert devious laughter here.]

In 2005 I graduated from film school with a desire to direct and knew that there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell I could do that any time soon in the studio system. I've pursued other routes in the entertainment industry but desprately want to make directing my day job. It's what I love, it's what I am good at, and I think it is an achieveable goal.

Since graduation I've made three short films of my own, and A.D.'d and directed projects for my friends as well. I have not sat idle and waited for Holylwood to find me.

However, in about June of this year I began to feel the itch to give up the day job in a whole new way, and knew I had to make bigger leaps towards being a full-time director. Luckily, my brother is a struggling screenwriter and he had just presented me with the script for End. I knew we had to make it, and we had to make it before our enthusiasm waned and doubts started to creep in. Making a freature length project is hard for anyone, but even harder when you don't have any form of studio to back you.

As Christopher (the writer) will attest I will not make one of his scripts just out of sibling loyalty; I will only make one of his scripts if I believe it is good, fits my sensibilities and is worthy of an audience. End is a brilliant screenplay, and will make a wonderful, frightening, tense, humerous, maddening movie.

When Christopher and I decided to move forward on the project we were worried that we would not be able to pull it off in such a short time. We need not have worried.

So quickly that we almost didn't know what to do everything began to fall in place. We have a wonderfully talented cast and crew that are just as committed and enthralled by this project as we are, and with them we are going to be able to make End the movie it deserves to be.