02 August 2008

Rehearsal Wrapped!

Rehearsal was amazing, tiring and hilarious.

I think one of the biggest functions of rehearsal is to get the "giggles" out. There's always those bits of dialogue or stupid scenarios that go on that you have to laugh at just because there is not any way you can keep your composure forever. You have to have that time you can deliver your line and then lose it and know it's going to be okay because the cameras aren't rolling.

I also love rehearsals because there is more time to play with the scenes, and try new things without the pressures of wasting tape/film. I am think it's a great time for cast and crew to bond.

We begin principal photography next week and I am exhilirated about it. I am not just saying this because they have access to read this, but I have a group of phenominal actors and I am excited to get them on camera finally!

Now I am exhausted and going to relax.