01 August 2008

The Independant Road...

Hey, I'm Beth the DP for End. A little about me: I'm originally from Alaska and a graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science in Cinema Production. I've been obsessed with movies since a young age and fascinated by all things electronic equally as long. I used to run around the house with my parents boxy VSH video recorder and make, well nothing. But I had fun unhooking wires from the TV to make it so I could watch the footage from the camera.

I've worked with Megan before on a series of shorts after meeting her at Paramount Pictures where we were tour guides. When she first sent me the script, I wasn't expecting to be as blown away as I was, but truth is, Christopher pulled off something really awesome.

First rehearsal was fun.. most of the cast were people Megan used in the shorts, or we knew from Paramount, or we met whilst doing a pilot shoot for our friend Caryn. It's always a lot of fun going into production knowing you'll be around people you can have fun with.

The Indy route is a tough one.. but in Hollywood, you can either suck up, kiss ass, (and possibly do some sex stuff) to get directly into the commercial world. Or, you can keep your dignity and morality by playing by your own rules and just doing it yourself.

It's a scary undertaking. Granted, filmmaking always is; even the most assured concept is hit and miss with the finiky audiences. But those in the paying commercial world at least get a paycheck. In our world, we do these projects on a wish and a prayer, with maxed out credit cards, a loyal cast and crew and just a hell of a lot of trust in each other to give our best. If anyone drops the ball, it just means a lot of personal money and time gone with nothing to show.

So that's the wall we all face. Megan may feel more of the pressure, but the cast and crew know it's on their shoulders too. Filmmaking, commercial or indy is not for the faint of heart.

But it's also exhilerating. When you see examples like Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, even Steven Spielberg and know that they too started with a wish and a prayer and maxed out credit cards, you know it's possible.

And so we all suck up the hardships and put our best foot forward, because we believe it will all be worth it.

I'm really looking forward to this project and I know it'll be a worthwhile piece. Besides, we're getting real equipment and set decorating and everything.. it's so exciting to step to the next level. I mean come on, who wants to live in "student filmmaking world" forever?

Good times lie ahead and I know this piece will come out wicked awesome.