21 August 2008

Dave's Time Out

Sunday was really fun on set; at least I thought it was. I know part of this was the fact that we spent most of the day on the balcony which meant that we weren’t trapped in the hot indoors all day. But the downside to that was sound issues – we had everything from frickin’ dogs barking to planes overhead. Despite this I was really relaxed and almost giddy for awhile.

Once again, we had to get Dave all bloody in preparation for the last scene we shot in the “present” timeline. He is a good sport every time we have to do this; but he totally tries to get sympathy from those around him. This week as he waited to do his scene he was dripping stage blood everywhere and we got tired of having to wipe it off the floor so Stefanie put him on a garbage bag and an apple crate and he waited out the scene we were shooting so we could get to his.

However, Dave proceeded to keep trying to get people to hug him or shake his hand whenever I called cut, and then he’d turn to me and sadly remind me that I “put [him] on time out.” His persistence kept up, and he kept asking people to hug him and kept being turned down.

Owing to my good mood, or my nature as a director (I’m not sure which) I told Dave that after his scene he could hug me – as long as we got it on camera.