18 August 2008

How Close? ..........Really Close

The second weekend has gone by and we are still rolling. More and More we are become family. I first want to acknowledge BETH the greatest person in the world. Without her we would not be getting the shots. Thank you BETH!!!!!!!!!! On sunday we shot alot of Alan's Balcony scences. She was on a ladder holding that camera forever. I asked Megan to shoot for a while so she had a lot to play with in editing. Without thinking twice Beth held that camera till exahastion she was shaking and could barley walk down the ladder after. She is the best! Not to say that everyone has not been great because they have. But David needs to stop making me laugh and Ashton and I need to stop yelling, stomping, and spitting in each others face. I have taken many pictures and videos. I will post them at the end of shoot.


Megan said...

:) For the record I agree with all of Pearce's sentiments. I love the little production family we are creating.

Also, if I had known that Beth was in that much pain I would have cut - the footage was smooth and gorgeous and I could not see her so I had no idea. I feel so guilty. :(