21 August 2008

More on Dave's "Time Out"

Hey Everyone...

I feel like I need to explain the Time Out situation a little more. So I've been getting this blood sprayed all over me every weekend since we started the shoot... which sounds fun (and it is) but it can start to get quite uncomfortable... both having it dry onto the skin and having to stop it dripping on the floor... I felt like I wanted to share my discomfort with crew members and hugging them seemed an easy way... I know I'm very childish... Anyway back to the Time Out business. I must have been particularly drippy as the floor was slowly being painted red wherever I walked and so Megan put a bin bag down on the floor for me to stand on... She put it in a room where I needed to be so say some Off Screen lines for some other Actors... however we weren't at that scene yet so I was just left in a room alone stood on a bloody bin bag! I didn't even have a place to sit until the scene did come up and people walked to see me and got me a box to sit on... I felt like a naughty child, and I must say I bet the Time Out parenting trick works a treat!