18 August 2008


okay...so I wont say anything bad, first because this is part of the publicity kit, and second because I would never say anything horrible in the first place...right guys?-----Mhhmmm, what they said!

So, another weekend has flown by, where has the time gone? This weekend was even more interesting than last, I think because we all know eachother really well now. Everyone has been so awesome, and it's still intimidating every time I watch one of the cast members nail a scene. *shivers* Some of the cast is now done filming unfortunately, I will miss them dearly. But I cant wait for the screening and the cast little party-get-together-thing...yea.

I must say, I got to work on a slightly intense scene this weekend with "Alan" and it was amzingly brilliant. He blew me away completely, and I'm sure I looked amature next to him. The feeling you get when you can play off of someone as talanted as that is...indiscribable. Wow...

Moving onto another topic[andto making sense of my title]...the set is a very interesting place to be. You need all types of accesories, for me, EARMUFFS! Maybe because the crew, *cough*Caryn and Dave!*cough*( :] ) is, well let's say...'PG-14'...HAHA! But it's great! We all joke and enjoy our little inside joke. And my dad, Matt/David, which ever identity you prefer, always makes sure I have a set of earmuffs with me, lol. Well it's been hilarious so far and I can't wait to see what jokes are instore for next weekend. Oh dear....

Signing off for now,