19 August 2008

Weekend Two

Weekend two of filming ended. Not to jinx ourselves, but weekend two was nice.

Sure it was still hot, and it was still crowded; but as I predicted things between cast and crew are continuing to gel in a wonderful way so that we are really starting to move more and more like one cohesive unit. It makes me excited for the day where I can have one continuous shoot instead of a series of weekends. This feeling of family, and unity must increase with the more time that you all spend in the same area for that extended period of time.

I am happy to say that due to this working situation we are falling into we are still on schedule. Miraculously. If my math is correct we have shot 46 pages of the script in 4 shoot days. That is an insane amount of pages to have shot and I am more than a little amazed that we are keeping up. [Knock on wood and say a little prayer please.]

I wrapped two actors this weekend – Samantha and Cody (a.k.a. – Weston). I will miss them terribly as they brought a great sense of humor and creativity to my set. However, I also got Lorn to my set for the first time this shoot and I do enjoy having him on set as well…so I guess it’s a trade off. If I could do anything about gas prices I’d have all of my actors on set as much as they want just because the camaraderie that having them there creates is wonderful.

I also let Dave hug me this weekend.

This is a milestone because Dave was covered in blood when he hugged me…so I ended up covered in blood. But I volunteered for it so it was okay.